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We are professional factory for medical devices since 2011, located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang, southern of the China. Focus on the development, research, production, sales and technical support of medical devices. Our product family include Anaesthesia, Gastroenterology and Urology. Our main products are Larygneal Mask, intubation Introducer & Bougie, Catheter Mount, Guedel Airway, Oxygen Management, Intermittent Catheter and Foley Catheter etc. We also especially design new products cooperated with customers.
Our professional team has more than 17 years experience in Medical Devices R&D, QA&QC, Regulation, Registration and Sales Services. We can provide many high quality products.
We have standard cleanroom and professional laboratory, compliance with ISO 14644 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Our monthly capacity of Laryngeal Mask is 80,000pcs and 50,000pcs on Bougies.
鈥?for medical technology, for life care 鈥?is our first philosophy. According to quality management system ISO 13485: 2016 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, we can guarantee the traceability of each production process. Including purchasing, extrusion, molding, product assembly, packaging, sterilization, inspection, in-house and delivery, until final clinical use.
Management Aim: Quality First, Customers First
Development Mandate: For Medical Technology, For Life Care
Enterprise culture: Passion, Cooperation, Innovation, Improvement
2011: FORMED are founded.
Successful R&D of our first product Laryngeal Mask, which is important product for Difficult Airway Intubation.
Pass the audit of ISO 13485 and CE certificates by T脺V S脺D, CE number: CE0123.
2012: Our second product Introducer & Bougie has good feedbacks and sales very well.
In November Medica exhibition, we receive a lot of attentions and cooperation invitations, also get many orders from our European customers.
2013: Our sales in Europe are rapid growth, establishing many important partners in UK and France.
2014: Success finish the FDA registration and start sell to United States. Our products are very popular in US.
2015: Establish a new factory, more than 3000 m2, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
2016: We have been developing new products continuously, expanding more than 35 products in our CE Certificate.
2017: Establishing a new sales center in Jinhua city, leading by our sales manager Ms. Sky Gao.
2018: Our Quality System Management Updating to ISO 13485:2016, certificate number: Q6079078 0013.
2019: Development a new soft blister pouch for our Laryngeal Mask, this design can provide better protection against distortion and damage to the laryngeal mask.
Future Keeping research, keeping develop, provide more and more high quality products to our customers.PVC Laryngeal Mask

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